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Pook-a-looz sure aren’t the easiest thing to find, so here’s some places to start if you want to go on a hunt for them! Otherwise, each item will have it’s own page on this site (just click on pictures) letting you know exactly where to get that item. But sometimes, it’s more fun to find it yourself!

If you’re really having a hard time finding that item you want, or just want to save time, shoot me an e-mail! I know where to find these inside and out and I’m more than happy to help you find whatever Pook-a-looz product you are looking for!

Just click on the multi-color links or pictures on the left-hand side to go to the sites!


This is my own eBay Store and I try to put up as much Pook-a-Looz merchandise that I can, especially when I get I manage to get my hands on hard to find ones like the Japanese Pooks! Of course, you can always e-mail me and ask if I have something too, I love helping people find Pook-a-Looz stuff and I usually have more than I list that I save for you guys in my stash. 🙂

200x50 Disney Store
Here you’ll find Plush, Bags, and the only place to find the Duvet Cover, Sham, Pins, and Mary Poppins! Only online though, Disney Stores don’t carry Pook-a-looz anymore, unfortunately.
One of the best places online to order phone straps, or cute accessories for your phone. They have a selection of the Pook-a-looz Phone Charms, Key Holders and Lanyard, all imported from Japan. And with with very reasonable shipping costs to boot!
Toys”R”Us The best place to find anything Pook-a-looz. You’ll find Plush, Plush Keychains, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Journals, Bags, and all the Plastic Toys.
FAO Schwartz The only place to find Miss Piggy, exclusive to FAO Schwartz, besides hiking it out to their Flagship store in NYC. They specialize in the Muppet series (because of their in-store Muppet workshop) so you can find all 5 of them there. Also the Plastic Toys, Cosmetics, and Bags.
A lot of rare Pook-a-looz Merch shows up on Amazon, so it’s worth it to check back often. Usually they are sold for a premium depending on rarity and demand, but it tends to be more reasonable then ebay. Kind of an like store, usually carries the Bags, Purses, Journals, Cosmetics and all the Toys, and you get points for everything you buy.
eToys They have a similar selection to Toys”R”Us but with a much lower Free Shipping price point ($69). They also can have some really great sales as well.
The Laughing Place A store located outside of Disney World that has hard-to-find Pooks like Christmas Minnie. Sold for a premium but I will tell you straight, you won’t find her anywhere else! (And the people who run it are super nice. :D)
Baby Universe A smaller selection of Pook-a-looz merch, but they have some really great discounts.
The best place to find the Merch you missed out on the first time around. Stuff from Japan has started showing up on here and the Plush are frequently cycled through. It’s worth it to save a search and get e-mailed a digest each day since about 50 or so new items are listed daily. You never know when you’re going to get a deal or find exactly what you’ve been looking for! (I buy Pook Merch from sellers on eBay as well, if you ever want recommendations for sellers or confirmation that they sell great, authentic merchandise, e-mail me any time!)


88x31 Disney Holidays

Disney Parks
Whether is Disney World or Disneyland, your best bet for finding Pook-a-looz Plush is the Disney Parks. They have the widest selection and are available both in Downtown Disney right outside of the Parks and at most shops inside. They, by far, have the widest selection. But if you can’t make it out to a Park, try the Merchandise Line. (1-407-363-6200 for Disney World, FL // 1-800-362-4533 for Disneyland, CA) You’ll pay a pretty penny for shipping, but it’s the only way to get Park exclusives like Parks Mickey and Parks Minnie, the 20 inch and 8 inch PALz (Figment and Yeti are only at FL).
Toys”R”Us The best place to find anything Pook-a-looz. Check in the Hello Kitty / Preteen Section, with the Plushes and sometimes even in the clearance section. Stock varies greatly with each store, but generally you’ll find Plush (Original Minnie, Tinkerbell and Dopey), Plush Keychains, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Journals, Bags, and all the Plastic Toys. USA, LLC The exclusive place to find New Mickey, New Minnie, New Pooh and Cinderella Plush and Plush Keychains. Sometimes they even have Dopey, Grumpy and rarely Snow White. Check in the Toy Aisles and sometimes the Clearance Section.
Blockbuster Believe it or not! You’ll find Original Minnie and the super hard-to-find Woody and Buzz here!
FAO Schwartz Used to be that their Flagship store in New York City was the only place to get Miss Piggy! Now she’s available online as well. Their in-store selection of Pooks is limited to The Muppets series and they are pricey compared to everywhere else, but Miss Piggy is worth it to avoid a shipping charge.

PS: If you follow any of the links to Disney, Strapya World,, or Wal-Mart, they are affiliate links. So if find something you were looking for and buy it, you’re helping to support the site! Thank you! 😀 USA, LLC
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