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Disney made these little shorts called “Pook-a-Sodes” for Pook-a-looz fans about them coming to life! (Very Toy Story.) These videos are ridiculously adorable, #3 and #4 especially are a must-see!

Pook-a-Sode #1: Mickey is the “Gentlemen Caller”
Starring: Original Mickey, Original Minnie

Pook-a-Sode #2: Late Night Chat
Starring: Cheshire Cat

Pook-a-Sode #3: Web Cam Dancing
Starring: Original Minnie, Tinkerbell, Eeyore, Tigger, New Pooh

Pook-a-Sode #4: Fairy Tale Ending
Starring: Dopey, Snow White

PS: Apparently, there’s a hidden Pook in every episode, can you figure out who it is? USA, LLC
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