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What are Pook-a-Looz?

Helmed as “Too Cute for Their Own Good”, Pook-a-Looz (PALz) started out as Plush toys released by Disney. At Disney’s D23 for 2009 (where upcoming merchandise is premiered before hitting the shelves), Pook-a-Looz were exhibited and people fell in love with them. Their modern, artistic take on classic characters and cute Japanese aesthetic made them unique from other Plushes that had been previously released by Disney.

When they finally were released at the end of 2009, they showed up initially at FAO Schwartz stores under the name “Fluffeez”. In December 2009, they became a Toys R Us exclusive and the first seven 12 inch Plushes were released: Original Mickey, Original Minnie, Eeyore, Tinkerbell, Snow White, Dopey and the Cheshire Cat. In January 2010, they began trickling into Disney Parks and then Disney Stores as they released the first set of 20:

In March 2010, Disney released the second set of 14:

In June, the PALz collection expanded to include Jewelry, Backpacks and Totes, Keychains, and Plastic Toys. even allowed fans to create their own custom T-shirts with their favorite characters on them.

Sales were steady but not great. Disney significantly slowed down the release of the Pooks and started exclusively releasing them at multiple locations. In August 2010, four 12 inch plushes were released exclusively at Walmart: New Mickey, New Minnie, New Pooh and Cinderella.

Diversifying the locations and scarcity of product increased demand as they quickly became collectors items. Fans would travel long distances to an exclusive location like the New York City FAO Schwartz, the only place that sold Miss Piggy, or order Walt Disney World exclusives like Figment and Yeti through the Parks Merchandise line.

In October 2010, the collection expanded further to include bedding, a second set of keychains and the ever popular Disney pins. Japan also started manufacturing their own versions of the Pook-a-Looz in November 2010 called “Puppet” plush, and even produced some long awaited exclusives like Alien and Daisy. Japan also began manufacturing stationary, school supplies, blankets, keychains and phone straps (cell phone charms).

In December 2010, even Broadway got involved and released Mary Poppins Pook-a-Looz to coincide with the opening of the Mary Poppins musical on Broadway.

2011 started in an exciting way with a sneak peak at the latest incarnation: Pook-a-Looz Vinyls. With the popularity seen by Disney’s Vinylmations, these have significant potential to take off. Japan has also announced the April 2011 release of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean plus Stitch, Angel and Scrump from Lilo and Stitch. While the US is always pretty tight lipped about their releases, it’s looking like we might see at least Stitch Stateside. The first official word on new characters also came in April: Disney announced a new line of Pook-a-Looz characters slated for later this year including a Walt Disney World 40th Anniversary Mickey and Minnie, plus two new versions of Mickey, Pirate and Safari! Shortly after this announcement, Pirate Mickey was released with a surprise friend, Sully from Pixar’s Monsters Inc.

2011 is becoming a great year for PALz! Please stay tuned to Pook-a-Love!, the only site with all the latest Pook-a-Looz info. For the most recent developments, don’t forget to subscribe to the News Blog!
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